12 December 2007

Brr and stuff.

Oh, joy. The annual ice storm has arrived. Thanks to my new and interesting shape, I had the pleasure of falling on my can in slow motion.

Right into a puddle of ice water.

Not a hard fall, mind you. No, it was one of those Twilight Zone moments. One foot on the ground, one foot midway into the car, one hand on the door. Zzzzzzzoop! Like watching a spoonful of jam plop off your toast and slide down the cabinet face. Except this slide ended with me yelling, "I can't get up! Save the knitting!"

And something about, "@#$%&! My butt is freezing!"

Lucky me, I had just done a load of laundry the night before, and had plenty of nice dry clothes into which I could change. And a sweater! I made it up to myself with dinner: shrimp Alfredo with assorted veggies. Himslef's opinion? "This is pretty good, except for this little hard green things." Ah, an escaped broccoli stem. Yeah, toss that. Hey, you didn't eat ANY of the vegetables, you cheater!

Oh, well. A man who does the dishes for me can eat whatever he likes.


Lora said...

I'm so glad you weren't hurt! Falls are dangerous in your condition.

I think I was 8 months pregnant when I fell on our stairs in the middle of the night after checking on Evie. Luckily my butt had plenty of padding. My elbow got rug burn, however...:/

Naomi said...

I just keep turning my ankle. Apparently not stepping off the side of my work clogs requires more coordination than I possess.

Mags said...

Ice can be tricky....take care!!