24 December 2007

A gift.

I haven't got the cash to buy
your every heart's desire;
I haven't got a place to build
a cozy Yuletide fire.

I have no shining candlestick
with branches full of light;
I have no voice with which to sing
a round of "Silent Night".

I've neither tree nor ornaments,
I haven't decked the halls;
No festive scenes of winter fun
are hanging on my walls.

I have no hearth to stack with gifts
wrapped up in gold and blue;
No tinsel, stars or jingling bells--
so quiet here, it's true.

But still my heart is very full,
and sounds a joyous call;
The one thing that I have to give
is blessings to you all.

Merry Christmas to our friends: old, new and unmet.


Jen C said...

Beautiful, thank you for this holiday gift. Happy holidays to you and yours, wishing you all the best this season. Jen

Mags said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours..enjoyed your gift!!