18 December 2007

Cabin fever sucks.

It truly does. Luckily there was a break in the gloom-and-doom-style weather action. Just long enough to let us slip up to the LYS for a big fuzzy antidote.

I need a scarf, I know how to knit, problem solved!

I wanted something along the lines of a "no-brainer" project. Thick yarn, big needles, mindless pattern. One of the shop ladies pointed out "Smile" (by Reynold's, I think) in one of the noisiest colorways I've ever seen. School bus yellow, sky blue, magenta, and dark pine green. It most assuredly rocks.

Size ten needles, cast on twenty-two. Four rows of garter stitch. *One row of "knit the stitch as usual but wrap the yarn twice around the needle", followed by three rows of garter stitch. Continue from * until you're about to run out of yarn, end with four rows of garter and bind off.

One ball makes a neck warmer, just long enough to overlap the ends and tuck them under your jacket collar. Two balls will make a full-length scarf, but I'm using the second to make a hat instead. That's what I'll be working on while Himself paints Junior's room.

Yellow. With white trim. And Beatles posters! What do YOU do to fight the icebound blues?


Mags said...

Wee one's room will be so sunny and bright...bet you can't wait!!
You know, I don't get cabin fever. (People say I'm sooo weird.) Anyhow I just love to hole up, throw another log on the fire and knit!!! But that's just me..
Happy knitting..your scarf colours 'rock.'

Lida said...

Good post.