06 November 2007

Continued grooviness on the birthday front.

There WAS cake at work! Fudge cake with chocolate frosting and I didn't have to bake it! There was also a fried-apple mix from my sister and a book from my folks. "Steve And Me" by Terri Irwin. An excellent way to spent two hours, believe me. Oh, and a book light, too, which prompted a twisted tale from the Winfield archives. Heh, heh, heh!

Saturday meant a day trip with Himself. We went to Atchison (Incredible architecture and a gorgeous riverwalk, plus Amelia Earhart's house!), then headed up to Highland to see the Native American Heritage Museum. It's full of crafts and artwork! Quill embroidery, beadwork, leather, drums; all kinds of amazing stuff. Sad, too, when you think about the history behind all of this stuff. Definitely worth the drive.

On the way home, we met S and L for ice cream. Vanilla frozen custard with strawberries, bananas and hot fudge. Mmmmmmm! They gave me a fire dragon sculpture, too!The drive home brought about another "birthday present", what can only be described as a gift from God. Twelve miles from home, at eleven at night, we ran out of gas. On the Interstate.

That's not the gift.

Himself threw the car into neutral and coasted as far as possible. Ah. Half a mile from the off-ramp of the nearest town. Great.

That's not the gift.

Turn the key, crank the engine. Run-nun-nun-nun-nun! Run-nun-nun-nun! Va-ROOM!! GO! Down the road, up the off-ramp. Halfway up, the engine dies again. Back into neutral, up the ramp, around the corner. Screw the stop sign! We ran out of momentum five hundred lousy feet from the pumps of the nearest gas station. And the engine refused to turn over without a drink.

Now for the gift.

With hand on dash, I said, "Okay, just once more. That's all. One more." A turn of the key...

Va-ROOM!! "Haul ass!" We pulled up to the nearest pump in time for the engine to sputter to a stop, shouting "thank you's" all the way. Out with the card, in with the gas, off to the races. Now that's a gift!

Yawn. Stretch. Getting close to paper time. Guess I'll head to the mailroom and dig out my knitting. What's new with you?


Mags said...

Running on fumes;'priceless'..the gifts continue!!
Happy knitting.

Lisa Marie said...

That IS pretty cool and groovy ya ended up getting to the gas station! =) Last time that happened to me, I was on the way back from a DR appt and ran out of gas on 435. But luckily managed to sputter off 435 to a parking lot.

Its pretty friggin amazing how I managed to find the one area in KC with no gas station nearby tho lol