29 October 2007

The meek shall inherit, so nanner, nanner!

It can now be proven that good will always outdo evil. Case in point: a jerk.

Himself and I got to spend yesterday with some of our favorite people. All of us headed over to a large park to make background noise for a bicycle race. Upon arrival, we realized that we could either walk a few thousand miles, equipment in hand, or find a way to drive over to the play-site. Enter one event organizer. This helpful fellow spied a man getting out of his vehicle, and asked if he would mind moving forward a few feet in order to let our three cars through.

This was not well recieved. I've seen angry bulls that puffed and snorted less. However he did pull forward. Just long enough for the lead vehicle to get through. He then returned his car to its original position.

This is the point where we realized we were dealing with a jerk. He leaped out of his re-parked car and began screaming at us. "This isn't a TURN-OFF, and I'm NOT gonna sit here ALL DAY waiting for YOU people." It went on (and downhill) from there.

Himself finally lost his temper, which is about as common an occurrence as me eating Brussel's sprouts. "Well, fine! I don't care WHAT you do! @#$& you!"

We found another way around. We also found out later that the helpful organizer heard the entire exchange and disqualified Mr. Jerk from the race. So there.

The rest of the day was much better. Cookies and gumbo, free beer for those who enjoy it, and beautiful weather. The group even got paid! The high point for me was a gift from E. I knew she was a clever person. Anyone who teaches themself to play the violin earns that particular title. She also sews, and created the ultimate carry-all for me! The outside is a light twill, in a stripey pattern that looks a lot like knitting. The inside is red and green and yellow. Pockets, sturdy handles, and a double-clip closure. This bag ranks very high on my list of cool personal possessions.

I promised to list eight random facts, didn't I? Let's see...

1. I can wiggle my little toes independently of the others.
2. I was born on All Soul's Day during a full moon, in a month with a blue moon.
3. I have a budgie that swears in context.
4. I read fairy tales in Latin to schoolkids.
5. I learned to knit as revenge.
6. I was once ticketed by a motorcycle cop while on my bicycle.
7. I was born in Huntington Beach, but I can't swim.
8. I dropped my drill sergeant on his butt during a hand-to-hand combat demonstration in Basic Training.

Now that's random!

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