26 October 2007

Grumble, grumble...

Twice now!

Twice this week, I've written long, involved posts, full of wit and entertainment value. Pithy, even. Now I'm pithy-ed off. I finished typing, prepared to hit the "publish" button, and was horrified to see THE ENTIRE OFFICE SYSTEM CRASH FOR UNKNOWN REASONS. It proceeded to stay crashed for about twenty-two hours each time. Many nasty things were said. Turned out to be a provider issue.

I had a ready retort for the server. It came out something like this: "Buh...feh...wha...Tsk!" Apparently my epithet provider crashed, too.

I'm going to keep this short, just in case. I will, however, take the time to mention two things. Cake and tags.

The tag came from fellow blogger Jen (Yay, Jen!). I'm supposed to relate eight random facts about myself (My life is random!) and then pass on said tag. I'll save the facts for Monday. Maybe by then someone can give me eight people to tag, with instructions for linking to them!

That was a hint. My computer literacy rate is substandard. I admit it.

And now...Cake. Note the capital "C". This was a cake that required a trip to confession. Not because of any particular vulgarity of speech on my part during the baking and decorating. No, but because this cake elevated gluttony to an art. Ask my co-workers. Vanilla and gingerbread with butterscotch whipped cream. Decorated with a chocolate tree.

I wonder if there's any left in the fridge?

1 comment:

Mags said...

Sorry I haven't been by..but I've been sucked in by 'ravelry' and I've been hanging out there!!
I know what you mean about losing posts etc...it's trying to remember the wit and pith word for word when it's lost God only knows where, and that's what truly bites my a**!!!
Your cake sounds yummy (as usual)..I could do with a piece (or two) myself!