31 October 2007

Agony of de feet!

Did you ever have one of those days where you want to disown the various body parts that are causing you extreme pain, but you have to spend the day being productive instead? I was nowhere near as unlucky as K, who underwent surgery yesterday, nor as bad off as S, who went the same route on the 17th, but I was in my own land of bummer-ness. Behold my Tuesday:

I woke up at six to find that my neck had been chosen to host the 2007 Crick Olympics. The Stiff Neck of Doom. The kind of hurt that makes you toss your cookies BEFORE you eat them. Did I return to my bed, whimpering ?

Well, yes. But only for a few minutes. It was a cake day.

There were layers to bake, icing to color, and cream cheese candy to make. For two hundred people. I popped a couple of fake Tylenol and winced my way to the kitchen. My neck gradually returned to working order, mostly because the stiffness slid into my lower back.

Sigh. Grumble.

When it branched out into my feet, I looked like Ruth Buzzi doing her "little old lady" routine. Same scowl, too. Picture me, hobbling around the kitchen, surrounded by all manner of sweet treats and swearing like a sailor.

Hm, that's actually kinda funny.

The cakes were made, the candy completed, the whole mess delivered. I received a check and overwhelming thanks, which made a lot of the day's tension dissolve. I went home and sacked out until Himself returned from work. He was greeted with a scream as I rolled out of bed and remembered why I was napping in the first place. Augh! Pain!

Must keep moving...

My pitiful expression must have moved him, because my dear and devoted spouse took me to Spangles for cheeseburgers and milkshakes. We also went to Borders to pick up a special order. A six-DVD set of The Monkees, Season One! The young lady behind the counter looked at the price tag and said, "You don't have one of these? Here, let me get you one."

It turned out to be a 30% off coupon! Woo-hoo! Burgers, Monkees and a discount to boot. Turns out I had a good day after all. Happy Hallowe'en!


Nichole said...

Don't you love good samaritans in line? NICE!
Hope you feel better - in the meantime, adopt my philosophy and buy a warehouse size bottle of Alleve!

Mags said...

I know we've all had those days...but you describe it sooo well. (What a gift.)
So glad your day turned out well.
Hope you're feeling better or at least not hurting as much.
Bring on the pain killers!!!!
Happy knitting!