03 October 2007

I'd like to sit down now...

...before I fall down. Oh, the rough life of a major celebrity. *snicker*

What's today, Wednesday? Yes. Okay, here's how the past several days have played out. Friday: work. Two shifts, one ending at two a.m. No big deal. I do that every week. Saturday was another full, rich day. It involved driving into the wilderness (actually somewhere in Missouri) to play a gig for a business party. Lots of fun, great food, and a hayride!

The best part of playing a gig at a ranch is not having to clean up after the horses.

After our return from the wherever we were, we continued to drive. This time, we were spectators enjoying the music of another band. They were really loud.

I mean, REALLY loud. One of my fillings rattled loose. Loud.

They were playing songs we liked, so that helped a great deal. But they were loud. So was the almost-bar fight we nearly saw. Here's a hint, folks: don't pinch the backsides of strangers. It gets you beaten up. Or at least threatened with such.

Sunday was not loud, but it involved cleaning pretty much the entire house. Those of you who know me will understand my reluctance to enjoy such an endeavor. This was followed by Monday, which turned into a nine-hour shift. On my feet the entire time. No lunch break. No coffee. The end of the world, in other words. When your average work shift is something like two hours (Ah, now you know how I get so much knitting done!), nine hours is nothing short of torture. But it did end.

Tuesday involved lots of fun and exciting theater politics and shouting. This is me being sarcastic. It was not fun. It was not exciting. It was rather amusing to hear Himself after the whole mess was over. "Thank God WE'RE not insane!" I had to tell him that yes, we are. That's why we do this stuff!

Today was preschool. We made apple juice. Have you ever tried to keep a dozen four-year-olds from eating what's in front of them? "No, honey. Don't lick the nice apple. We're going to be drinking that." We were reasonably successful. They got really enthusiastic when they learned that we would be decorating sugar cookies. They turned into hummingbirds, in fact. Luckily, their very next assignment was to go upstairs and do some kid-friendly Pilates. They probably could have scaled the building without ropes, but hey. I was the grinning recipient of many frosted hugs at the end of class.

But I'd still like to sit down for a while...


jillster said...

I hate theatre politics.

Lisa Marie said...

Uh...someone pinched the backside of a stranger at the bar? What da heck were they thinking? Maybe they figgered him/her had drank enuf there that he/she wouldn't mind lol