05 October 2007

Who am I, and why am I here?

Wait a minute; I knew this once...oh, yeah. I'm the crazy person who agrees to do everything. Work two shifts? Sure! Spend an entire day performing music stuff? Of course! Oh, you want that done on four hours of sleep? No problem!

I am a little nuts.

At least it's going to be fun. Except for work. At midnight. Whee.

Saturday will be good. Drag the ol' spinning wheel down to the Prairie and gab with tourists, then head back and time-warp forward about sixty years to do a WWII USO show. I love the songs from our shows. I'm In the Mood For Love; It's Been A Long, Long Time; Over the Rainbow; one of my personal favorites is At Last. Not quite as "blues" as Etta James, not quite swing. It's a fun way to show off my lungs!

More music on Sunday, too. The Mid-America Nutrition Something-or-the-other Regional Fundraiser. Not only will there be food, not only will we be the first group to perform in the newly renovated theater, we get paid.

With money.

This is a big deal. Our bass player and drummer have a story about being invited to play for a gig. No pay, but they would get all the steak and shrimp they could eat. After the performance, the band members bellied up to the buffet, only to be told, "Sorry, guys. There's no more steak and we're out of shrimp!"

We play a lot of "steak and shrimp" gigs, so money is a nice bonus.


Nichole said...

The band needs to learn to eat PRIOR to playing to ensure that bountiful "steak & shrimp" pay off! :)

jillster said...

Sounds like a glorious weekend!