10 October 2007

Doing stuff is fun.

And it's all cool stuff, that's the thing. We went to the Prairie and had a great time, not to mention some really good stew. Got to meet folks from India and China, plus an author who's planning a book on spinning and weaving techniques. Talk about the right place at the right time!

Saturday night was a packed (school)house for the USO. The Pleasant Valley people got a matching funds grant to purchase the old schoolhouse, and our show was a fundraiser to work up enough cash to pay off the mortgage. We seem to have put our "steak and shrimp" hex behind us, because there was lots of food left for the band. They were sending us home with whole pies!

Sunday, we slept in. Sort of. Himself bouncd out of bed around eight, I followed at eight-thirty. Here's the sign of a devoted spouse: Seeing me still asleep, he slipped out to find coffee and breakfast as a surprise! He then played Beatles tunes on the guitar so I'd wake up before the coffee got cold. Live music and hot food provided by a thoughtful husband make a great antidote to having to write out a set list five times.

My hand was ready to fall off.

At twelve-thirty, we were at the gig site. What? We're playing on the second floor? We have five thousand pounds of crap to carry! Ah, there's an elevator? Very cool. Up to the second floor and into the auditorium to set up the P.A.

This is a very nice auditorium. I saw it when the building was still in the abandoned stage. Broken glass and dead pigeons everywhere. Now it's bright with red cloth seats and yellow paint on the walls. The acoustics were pretty good, too. The volume got a little softer towards the back of the house, but there was no distortion.

An offer of food was made while we were setting up, but was turned down. It's really hard to hit the high notes on a full stomach! Not to mention the inevitable post-lunch food coma that sets in when you're warm and fed.

Nobody was asleep after the show, though. We got a standing ovation, a chicken dinner and a CHECK! Himself has decreed that R, the bass player, gets to book all of the gigs from now on. It figures that a banker would get us a paying job!

Now, if I could learn to knit with one hand and hold a microphone with the other...

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jillster said...

Sounds like you had a great time!