12 October 2007

Ah, Friday!

A wonderful day here in silfert land. Cool breeze, breakfast with Mom, lunch with J, dinner with Himself, and a spree at Borders.

Well, not a spree as such. Only four books today.

There was a minor snafu with the cake I had to make for work tonight, but all cake problems can be solved with liberal amounts of cheesecake pudding frosting.

Yes, cheesecake. And pudding. Together again for the first time! On strawberry lemonade cake.

I even finished a sock today. How much better can it get?


Nichole said...

And where is the PHOTO of said finished sock???

MMM... cheesecake AND pudding? YUM-O!

jillster said...

Friday was a good day. Thanks for sharing part of it with me!