19 October 2007

Where'd the week go?

Okay. I'm going to have to break down and discuss the possibility of getting home Internet service. As it stands now, I have to wait for "my" work computer to come available, and for "my" office to be vacated before I can goof off or do serious work. Can't even post pictures here. Sigh.

At least I had a great week! Found a new barbecue place here in town, made the decision to hold our weekly jam sessions at our house, and took a day trip with my Mom-in-law. Not just any day trip, mind you. Dinner theater! With William Christopher! The show was called "Church Basement Ladies", set in a small Lutheran church in Minnesota. Lucky me, I have friends who are Lutheran and/or from Minnesota, so I got all of the jokes.

The second best part (Number One being the chance to sit 20 feet away from William Christopher doing what he does best) was the dessert. Chocolate cake layered with chocolate caramel cream cheese, covered with chocolate ganache, and drizzled with caramel sauce, served with cocoa whipped cream. Diabetes a la mode. It was truly amazing.

Sorry to keep this so short, but Himself is arriving soon. We're meeting some friends for lunch, then I have to make a cake. Nothing so fancy as the killer chocolate job I just described, but there will be cheesecake pudding frosting, so that's a good deal. Tell you what. Come back tomorrow, and I'll tell you about our most recent round of musical adventures, eh?


Nichole said...

Oh you must get internet at home... don't know how some live without these days, lol.
The dinner theater sounds cool! And a new BBQ place is always a plus!

Lisa Marie said...

What? You can't post pics now? Hmmm.....well, maybe thats a good thing. For us anyway! You might post pics of these yummy goodies you keep bloggin' about lol