04 September 2007

Counting down...

I met knitsinCHUR-urch! I met knitsinCHUR-urch! Yet another highlight in an action-packed weekend, folks. Not fast-paced, not slow-paced. Your typical silfert half-fast holiday. Fun and laziness in equal measure.

Kind of a practice run for Winfield. So close, and yet so far!

I'm giving serious thought to saving the "I'm not wearing any underwear" sweater for myself and going with something a touch tamer for the charity. Some options would be, "Can you hear me now?" which has been done to death, or maybe, "Audio-Reader: Connecting the dots." A Braille reference, you see. The polls are open until Friday! Send me your slogan! Whichever quote gets the best reaction here at the paper will be immortalized in wool.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is out, by the way. I'd have to work that from cuff to cuff and it ain't gonna happen.


Jillster said...

Time for coffee before you head out for Winfield?

I can drive down to meet you.

Mags said...

Always nice to meet a fellow sock knitter. Glad you had a lovely weekend.
I tend to draw a blank when it comes to being witty...still, hope you get a ton of ideas!!!
Happy knitting.

Lisa Marie said...

We will miss ya at the knitting get together on Sunday! Altho, I know you are excited about Winfield =) Say 'HI' to Badger the Horse for me lol