31 August 2007

We're off to see the lizard!

And the occasional snake...a few wasps...bunch of barn swallows...and Badger the horse.

Yes, it's Prairie weekend again. This time, in addition to the spinning and music, we'll demo some dyeing and weaving. I hope I get some sleep.

Forget sleep! I have good news! Mom S is home! Happy dance, happy dance...She's been looking forward to this from day one, so I know she's as relieved as we are. She only lives a few blocks from where we were playing tonight (car show), but by the time we got packed up and headed in her direction, all of the lights were off. We'll try again tomorrow.

The car show was fun. We were inspired by the barbecue fumes wafting in our direction. Much more appetizing than the fumes from the burnout! People even danced, which blew my mind as there was no beer to be seen. Of course, fame has its price. I'm now sitting in the office, waiting for the paper to start. Two hours of getting down with our bad selves, two hours of "I don't WANNA be at work!" Oh, well. Maybe there's enough time to get another row or two done on the sweater...


Nichole said...

YEAH -- so glad to hear your Mom is now home too! Mine is doing quite well at home and back to knitting lots... lol

Mags said...

Glad you had fun a the car show..too bad you had to go work!! Sounds like a fun weekend, wish i could go.
Ain't it the truth, "There's no place like home." So glad she's doing well.

Jillster said...

Someday we need to get out and at least visit you at the prairie. It sounds so cool!