07 September 2007

And away we go!

We leave tomorrow! Wahoo!

I'm a little excited about Winfield. Hundreds of giant trees, (almost) nonstop music, and a solid week of nothing to do but knit. I am prepared. A trip to Yarn Barn netted the perfect Man-Sweater yarn. Cascade 220 in an amazing shade of deep blue, heathered with a touch of green. Ah! Couple balls of Trekking for some socks, new needles all around, and some roving for spinning. My camping preparations are complete.

Hm? Oh, yeah. I packed some clothes and stuff...soap...hairbrush...but the important thing is the fact that I HAVE YARN.

Every year, we bring back at least one great funny that makes the trip even more memorable. Last year, it was during the "good-byes", when our entire camp turned as one, yelled "Group hug!" and descended upon Himself. He began screaming, "It burns! It burns!"

The year before, around midnight, a bunch of us decided to stroll around the grounds (Wow, shades of Simon and Garfunkel!) to visit the Walnut Grove. Pitch dark outside, glowsticks in our hair. As a joke, S Said, "Hey, let's see if the food court's open!" A well-lubricated fellow making his unsteady way along the path piped up with, "Nooo, maaaannn! They're aaallll cloooosed. And I got the laaaaaast saaauuusaaage!" From above and behind my ear, out of the darkness, came the menacing voice of Himself: "Let's get him!"

The dude actually ran away from us. I wonder what's going to happen this year?


Jillster said...

Knowing your beloved husband as I do, these stories are particularly funny (he seems to be such a quiet, shy fellow that you'd never think he'd say anything funny like that, but there it is).

Mags said...

Happy days are here.
Have fun..knit plenty..relax and enjoy.
It sounds wonderful...can't wait to hear the funny stories.