18 September 2007

Dodo waso nida!

Okay, so my Korean sucks, but I HAVE returned! Those of you who have been waiting with "baited" breath may now go brush your teeth.

Winfield rocked. Totally and one hundred percent. I had so much fun, I didn't even realize just how little knitting I accomplished. The first day, we noticed a sign advertising a contest. "Songs You Cannot Play For Mama". Himself decided that I must enter said contest and sing the SUV Song. This is a piece written by my dad, based on his experience with certain local SUV drivers. The chorus includes the rousing hookline: "I look down on other drivers, and they look up to me; I'm a smug @#$%&*$#@ in my SUV!"

I agreed that it might be a required activity.

We found the camp, borrowed a beer to cover the entry fee, and ended up performing the song for about 150 cheering, not-quite-drunk campers, all shouting the chorus with undisguised glee. A fine moment, indeed. People were coming up to us all week long. "Hey, you're the gal that sang that song! That was great!" Why thank you! You're very good for my ego.

Another very cool moment came when we signed up with some friends to play for www.frontporchradio.net as the Frayed Nots. They tell us that in a few weeks, we'll be able to click on the link and hear just how...um...not terrible?...we sounded.

Himself made me tell the Clown Story at the Joke Camp. They're situated in such a way as to prevent passage from one part of the campsite to another. The only way through is to tell a joke. Any joke will get you a "pass" to walk through. A good joke gets you a stamp on the hand. I recieved five stamps (two on my forehead) and a lifetime pass to wander through their camp. Either they loved the story, or they NEVER want me to tell another one.

Once the festival proper started, we spent lots of time watching Tommy Emmanuel. My second favorite guitar player on the planet. Absolute best part? Spending half an hour after each show, just hanging out and talking with him. About his kids, his fiancee, his shoe size, anything. Himself snapped a shot of Tommy holding my latest sock-in-progress. He's put in a bid for a pair!

I'll post some pictures as soon as I can, but I'll leave you with a funny. Having had chili for dinner, there were certain nighttime noises to be expected. Sure enough, in the wee hours of the morning, there came a sound. "Hey!" was my accusing cry. "There's a tree frog in here!" Himself was still essentially asleep when he mumbled in reply, "No, that was my butt. Zzzzzzzz." He roundly denied the story over breakfast, but I was there.


Jillster said...

Oh, gawd -- the clown story!!!!


Glad you sang the SUV song. Your dad should copyright that, record it, and make a million dollars. It is the greatest song on the planet.

Dee said...

Yay for the SUV song.

Glad you had a good time in Winfield.

Dee Anna

Jen C said...

lol. I am glad youi had a great trip, sounds like a lot of fun. Will have to watch for the posting of the Front Porch Radio and listen.

Lora said...

Camping while pregnant. Been there, done that. Hope you were comfortable.

Lisa Marie said...

I can now brush my teeth =) My husband thanks you lol