27 July 2007


Okay, today I saw something totally weird. Straight out of Animal Planet or something. I was reading, Himself was expected home momentarily. The dog next door began barking his brains out. Being a small terrier, you can imagine what this sounded like.

Said dog failed to stop, so I went outside to have a peek at the source of the distress. I found both next-door dogs freaking out and dancing around the yard while Himself stood staring at the object of their interest.

A snake.

A three-foot long black snake, coiled up and hissing with irritation. The terrier, still barking madly, jumped around and made quick dashes toward the snake. The snake responded by striking at the dog's nose. The noise was capped by me shouting, "Honey, grab the dog so the snake can get away!"

Himself grabbed a rake and climbed the fence, but neither snake nor dog wanted any part of that plan. Himself finally managed to hold the dog at bay while the snake made his escape.

Straight up the tree.

Now, I know how hard it is to climb a tree with two hands, two feet and a rope. How the hell does a snake climb a tree? A skyhook? A stash of helium under his skin? Does he point his tail and say Wingardium Leviosa?

I have no idea, but we did spend about ten minutes staring up into the tree.

In other news, I spent lots of money at the LYS. Wool yarn for a woven scarf (Cascade 220), some Austermann Step for socks (Great colorway, stripes in violet, blue, gold and black), a skein of Lamb's Pride in Wild Oak for the strap of the felted doodle bag, and some roving in amazing shades. Looks like a pheasant. Truly cool.

I've gotten some good answers to my question about where you're from and what makes it special. Keep 'em coming!

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justmejill said...

A snake climbing a tree. That would have me scratching my noggin, too....