30 July 2007

Gettin' down wit da gumbo!

I think my mouth melted! Anybody who can speak textbook French AND Cajun French has gotta know how to cook, right? Darn right. Gumbo, corn, potatoes, and shrimp the size of small bass being handed around from sunrise to midnight. I tried an ear of corn and immediately developed a talent for breathing fire. Same with the shrimp. I fear gumbo.

The doodle bag, if the costume work gets done at a reasonable time this evening, will be done tonight. The Wild Oak looks good with the Southwest colors, thus combining two of my favorite terrains: desert and forest. I also like oceans. Meadows are nice, too. As are mountains. Ah! There wasn't quite enough yardage of the J. Knits "New Mexico" to accomplish a flap, so I'm doing one in Wild Oak to match the strap. I left Manly Sock #2 at home this weekend for a couple of reasons. Gumbo and sock yarn are not, ahem, sole mates. Also, it's really hard to see charcoal gray stitches at one in the morning. Hey, it's hard to see anything at one in the morning!

At least I was able to sing in spite of having my lips disabled.

The Sunday luau went well. We played for two hours without a set list. It's harder than you might think to play for that long without doing any sad songs. Or even any slow ones, for that matter. Luckily there were a number of Beatle freaks in the audience. Went well with the Beatle freaks onstage. Just whip out the ol' Lennon-McCartney catalogue and away we go!

Speaking of "away we go", where are those pages? The press was supposed to start an hour ago. Can't do a thing without pages, though. Darn, guess I'll have to work on my sock...


Nichole said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving well wishes for my Mom - it really means a lot! :)

Mags said...

Just getting caught up after a couple of hetic weeks....I loved reading your posts. I'd like to see some pix tho'...aren't I demanding!!! Any chance????