26 July 2007

Doodle bag.

Ah, squishiness! I love fun yarn! The wool/mohair blend is totally cool. Even with the many shades, it's still managing to work up in subtle stripes. I like this. I'm working on the body of the future felted bag tonight, forty stitches on size 11's. Gonna be a small bag, just right for toting sock projects. Gotta hit the LYS tomorrow when I meet J, I want to make a color match for the handle. Solid for that rather than multi.

This is a "cakes out the wazoo" weekend! Baby shower and a Sweet 16 for Saturday, plus a birthday cake on Sunday. And this is in conjunction with tons of music. The baby shower is for my sister's best friend. Something with Winnie the Pooh. The Sweet 16 is for a niece. Hot pink and silver. Girly. The birthday cake promises to be the most fun. It's for the head of a recycling department, so the cake theme is recycling, too. I'll make it look like the leftovers of several cakes stuck together on the same plate. Ha! The idea came from one of the ladies at the garden party. Brilliant!

This weekend is Shrimp Boil. K, a great guy, has made the preparations for the big "eat seafood and play music until we collapse" party, and we're gonna be there! Sunday afternoon is a different story. That's gonna be a band performance. Our bass player recently lost a client to cancer of the brain. The man was only 45! His last wishes were for his wife to throw a luau for their friends, so we'll be doing our very best to help carry out the plan.

Other than that, things are pretty good. I need to work up costumes for six cast members and feed Captain Oblivious to the stash weasels, but that's for another day.

If you're reading this, do me a favor. Tell me where you're from, and why it's special. Ta!


Dee said...

I live in Lawrence, KS and it is special because I am here?

I usually say I a "from" WI. It is the best because the summer nights are cool. (I never realized what a blessing that was until moving to KS)

Dee Anna

Dianne said...

I live in New Jersey - the southern part, away from all the people and traffic and noise. There are lots of farms around here, and some beautiful lakes! The best part, by far, is that my parents are right around the corner - literally!

justmejill said...

I love the idea of the "recycled" cake! Too funny!

Good to see you today, even if briefly.

Anonymous said...

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Jen C said...

I am from all over the place really and each place still is special in some way. I start in oklahoma - air is clean, dry, rolling hills, can still shoot fireworks in your front yard, everything moves a little slower and even when the tornado comes through it has a peaceful quality.Then I am also from California, North and south spent my time. I am from Northern Cali. because I went to high school and some college, my Mom and sister still live out there adn I try to visit back every couple of years and I can always settle right back in. I am from So Cal. That is were I lived even longer started raising 2 kids there, went to school for the longest, Dad lives there, meet my husband there, changed a lot out there. Then there is the Jersey. I am currently from. Exit 9 off the TPKE(in joke) Raising my family, paying my mortgage, finishing college, working hard and were I have changed and grown the most in my life.