19 July 2007

Thtuff on a Thursday.

Getting down to the final stretch on Manly Sock #1! Cruising through the toe decreases; gonna make both toe-ends the same to even out the wear. I'm enjoying this yarn. Soft enough to be comfy, but sturdy enough to hold its shape. I hope the banana bread sitting on my counter holds up as well.

Once le tootsies are finished on this sock, I'll set it aside briefly to whip up that teddy bear I'm supposed to be making. Well, not supposed to I guess, but when you set a goal, you should at least make a stab at reaching it. Right? Okay.

Tonight's stabbing, er, knitting will take place up in the big city. W, a big-time jazz bass player from New Orleans, is in the area and wanting to make some noise. Himself and I are always happy to accomodate such wishes, especially if the noise involves swing tunes from the 30's. Winfield is coming up and we need to be ready! Gotta get the strings warmed up.

Wow, less than a month until we head for the festival? I can't wait that long! Think of it: an entire week of camping (with available electricity and water, showers and CLEAN porta-potties), accoustic music, friends and all-day knitting. And the coffee! Don't forget the coffee. Every night, the line outside of our camper gets longer. Coffee hounds that get the word via camp grapevine that "here there be great coffee". With extras.

I'd better start planning this year's Winfield projects. I'll need to make a hat for cool nights, at least one pair of socks, and the annual Braille sweater. A man sweater this year; the last two have been girl models. Something in navy blue, perhaps? Or rust? Rust would be easy to see by campfire light. Something bright but not too pale for the socks. Camping with amenities is still camping (sort of), and there's always the possibility of dirt and/or spillage. I am open to suggestions!

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justmejill said...

Manly sock is looking good!