20 July 2007

I'm melllllll-tingggggg!!!

Gah, it's July! I think I'm sticking to the air. Bleagh.

So, Manly Sock #1 is done, and the bear is well begun. This is the first time I've ever followed a pattern that actually includes specific instructions for "the butt". It's true! Instructions for the butt of the bear. It's a rather clever pattern, really. And I'm enjoying working with this new cotton yarn. It still has all the elasticity of a pipe snake, but it IS very soft and non-shreddy.

Last night's music was a blast. So many good songs, so much great harmony. Sometimes I'm kinda sorry I have a "real" job. The next time we get to play for the seniors in the next town over, we'll have to bring along D and K. I'm sure those old songs will go over well.

Aurgh, work tonight at 11:30. Followed by a minimal amount of sleep, the possibility of hearing some live music, a sock knitting lesson for a new friend, and a garden knitting party. And that's just for Saturday! After the knitting, there's a birthday cake to be baked for a party on Sunday. Next weekend promises to be fantastic. Another birthday cake and a weekend at the lake with seafood and musicians. It's nice to know people with rock-star lifestyles, especially when they like to share. Gumbo and guitars until four in the morning, who can resist?

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