18 July 2007

Holy heatstroke, Batman!

It is most definitely July, because the heat and humidity have landed with a BIG thump. Thank God for cloth seats. More than the weather was making me twitchy, though. I didn't get to knit for almost two days! Life has a sneaky way of intervening.

The impromptu concert went over well. We went grocery shopping afterwards and were recognised by two girls in their early teens. "You guys were really good!" Talk about yer ego boost! We were pleased with the response, but stunned by the sound system. Last night was THE loudest we've ever played. Granted, the whole shebang took place in a tiny park on a Main Street intersection, but jeez! When you're used to playing coffeeshops and dance halls, stadium sound is not to be believed.

Of course, no ego is swelled without an accompanying puncture. One of my preschool students asked me, "How old are you?" I told him. His eyes got really wide, then he said, "Wow!" After a moment, he brightened and said, "I can count that high!" After rattling off the numbers, I told him that he had done a good job and that yes, I had been every one of them. He looked impressed and said, "Cool." If he's impressed with MY age (Five whole years older than his own mom), I should introduce him to some of the folks I work with.

As a bonus for sticking with me this far, I have TWO pictures to share today. Remember the blue yarn? Behold!

See the nice heathery shades? I'm thinking along the lines of a vest now, rather than a plain tank top. Maybe a little patch pocket and copper buttons?

Heaven help us. The boozer just arrived. First thing he does is make like he's gonna come around and read my screen! "Whatcha typin'? Personal stuff?" I couldn't help it; I snapped back, "Yes!" He kept coming around the table until he realized that I meant business and moved away. Cretin.

Anyway, on to the next picture. The ready-for-the-toe Manly Sock #1!

I say ready for the toe because I got to knock out the rest of the "foot" rows today. Lots of "oooh's" and "aaah's" at work.

Himself is in his element right now. A fiddler showed up for tonight's jam session! She knows the old Irish tunes and bluegrass standards that we love, so he's banging away at the 6-string banjo with a big grin on his face. True, banjos are supposed to have four or five strings, but this is an old job from way back that a local fellow put together from a guitar neck and a banjo head. Plays almost like the one, sounds similar to the other. Dinstinctive, indeed!

Well, the coffee calls. Time to fill up on some Brazillian and cream.

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