17 July 2007

A touch of vulgarity...under 18 not admitted!

Oh, my. A request for the lyrics to my revised version of "Lollipop"? Let's see if I can make it acceptable to youthful viewers... ;)

The chorus involves...well, part of it involves the word "mother", if that's any indication of my mood yesterday. The verses:

"This machine's a piece of @#$&; tell you why,
It sucks so much, it makes me cry!
It ticks me off until I can't see straight,
this machine is one I hate!

I call it.... (ahem)

I hate advertisers, tell you why,
I hope that they all choke and die!
They like to stick us with a bunch of crap,
And today I've finally snapped!

I call them...

And so forth! And yes, this has been cleaned up somewhat. Now that I'm in a better mood, I must say that I don't hate ALL advertisers, just the unhelpful folks that keep soliciting these evil inserts.

One thing I DO hate is pond goo. I had to clean out the pump this morning. Talk about yer fun chores! Ah, well. Letting the fishies breathe takes priority over personal feelings of ickiness. And it only took a few minutes.

Oh, I am so looking forward to playing tonight! Forty-five minutes of oldies in the park, yay! Between now and then, I'm hoping to finish Manly Sock #1. Between work and making out the set list, anyhow. Halfway throught the foot, by my best estimate. I'm thinking of shaping the toes so that one is right and one is left, but I haven't decided yet. We shall see what my lazy-meter reads this afternoon.

Tonight's band includes myself on vocals, Himself on lead guitar, R on bass and backing vocals and M on drums and backing vocals. What shall we play?

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