27 June 2007

Your typical Wednesday...

For some reason, Wednesday is always the biggest day of the week for me. Not necessarily the most fun, but definitely that day with the most stuff going on. Usuall, there's preschool to teach in the morning, then work, then errands, then the weekly jam session. It's the work and errands that are usually sigh-worthy.

No preschool today. Instead, I got to drive around and collect the quarters from the paper vending machines. Wa-freaking-hoo. I got overheated, rained on, and a smashed hand from a falling lid. Those suckers HURT! Oh, well. The job got done, I don't have to do it again, and I can go on to the fun stuff. This includes a trip south of town to have my car looked at. Compression test today, but in the future I'll need a CV axle replacement, new boots and joints, a heating system overhaul, and some trnsmission work.

"Why not just get a new one?" Because I've seen the price tags on new cars, and I ain't falling for it! I love my car. It's the first car I ever bought by doing the whole finance-monthly-payments-and-interest routine. It's also the first thing I bought after my divorce! ;) It's the car I drove to the Waffle House when Himself and I were still in the courtship phase.

Actually, we're still in the courtship phase. We just happen to be married, too.

So, I'm having my car fixed. I fixed B's back for him, he's taking care of my car. Definitely what you call a good deal. Parts at cost and no labor charge? I'll work on his back every day!

Speaking of work, what shall I take to the jam session tonight? If it's not raining, I may take my spinning wheel. Yay, wool! If it IS raining, I'll try and finish that preemie sweater. We shall see. In the meantime, I need to write up my column and send it in. Off to Responsibility Land!

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