29 June 2007

Party preparations!

Okay, so I need to bake and shop and clean and make a veggie tray and pray that it's not raining tomorrow. Then I get to go to work, come home, nap, decorate the cake, set up the food, greet people, feed same, and try to avoid falling into my usual "party vulture" routine. You know waht I mean. Instead of hanging out and having a good time, I tend to stress and cruise the room, making sure everyone ELSE has a good time. As if they can't unless I'm there to offer help!

I did manage to find time to spin up some really cool yarn, all in fall colors. Fiery. Very neat. I also dyed some roving. In the words of one of the guys at the paper, "It looks like you slaughtered a clown!" It IS kinda vivid. Very true, deep colors of blue, violet and willow green, accented with shocking pink. Looks like the Slushie machine barfed on my wool. I'm thinking of plying it with plain white rather than itself, just to maintain the bts of color. I'll post both yarns when I'm done.

And now, off to the store for party provisions! Shoppng at a non-yarn store, ugh.


©Hotbutton Press said...

Hey, we want pictures!

French-cut Finger Friend

Dee said...


The party was fun. Yeah for veggie trays.

I am tired and can think of nothing clever to say.


Dee Anna