25 June 2007

What a weekend!

Two great days, lemme tell ya.

First, a trip to Lecompton for Territorial Days. Several hours to spin and visit with tourists. I had the perfect spot, too. Level and shady, with a view of everything that went on. Himself was joined by two other musical types wth fiddle and guitar. Here I am in all my splendor:

Hm. Well, I WOULD be here if the computer would call up the appropriate page and let me upload the picture. Oh, well. Take my word for it, we had a great time. Himself and I agree, it would be a stroke of luck to get in with the State Historical Society. All the history we can stand, and a chance to play and meet people to boot.

Day two was just as good. We were invited to visit F's garden. What a garden! Barely ordered chaos in the form of magnificent wildflowers. Echinacea, poppies, pipevine, love-in-the-mist; you name it, it was probably there. And the lilies! A mind-boggling array of colors. And she's a coffee gourmet like me!

I got an entire bobbin of singles spun up Saturday, just needs to be plied and set. I'll probably do that tonight since I'm angry at Jewel Quest Solitaire. :) Or maybe I'll hit the yarn shop and spend this wad of cash I was just handed. Wow! We played the bank gig and considered ourselves well paid with good food and a great time. Now our dear friend and piano player has stopped by with cash in hand as a tangible "thank you" from the bank! A paid gig. We are professionals now, boy.

Oh, there I am! Dig the dress! All hand made, but not by mine. And there is my beloved Ashford...

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