21 June 2007


Ohboyohboyohboy! We get to play tonight! There's a local bank that's holding an appreciation dinner for its...customers? Clients? Whatever they're called, they get dinner and entertainment. WE get to provide the entertainment! Our four-piece combo is playing, and we'll do some of our Valentine's Day dinner theater stuff. A little Sinatra, a little Elvis, and one of my alter egos: Casey Diaz. I love that name. Hey, I love any excuse to sing "Moondance"! Now all I have to do is finish up here at the paper, drive to the next town to pick up my costume for Saturday (more on that later), zip home, shower and change, then make it to Celebration Hall by six. Oh, and keep my temper and sanity for the rest of the day. That's the hard part.

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