18 June 2007

Birthday bash!

What a great party! The original intent was to hit the local sports cafe for the Monday night taco special. Two things made this plan difficult to carry out: it began to rain its brains out, and there was nowhere to seat fifteen people in a crowded restaurant. Where did this massive crowd come from? Oh, well. The convoy made its way back to our house, along with a guitar, a mandolin, three pizzas and a watermelon. The cake and cookies were already in the kitchen.

What kind of cookies? Ah, peanut butter Heath bar cookies! Yes, they were as good as the name implies. And the cake was vanilla with cheesecake frosting.

Out came the instruments, in went the pizza and cake. Everyone went home stuffed and happy, and we're looking forward to the "big" party at the end of the month. The only thing I missed out on was today's dose of knitting. Ah, well. I'll weave the toes on Himself's new socks and post a picture tomorrow, that'll make up for it.

Happy birthday, Baby! I love you!

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