17 June 2007

Highlights from this weekend...

Driving around KC, listening to They Might Be Giants. Himself is, in his own words, "really bad with lyrics". He valiantly attemps to sing along anyway.

"Particle Man, Particle Man.
Something or the other,
Particle Man.
Don't know the words,
Particle Maaaan!"

This leaves me gasping for air between giggles.

Checking out car dealerships. Noticing that no one puts prices on cars anymore. Are they ashamed? Are they plotting a big scam? We pull into the latest in a line of lots and are accosted by a large, florid man in red.

Himself: "You don't have any prices on the windshields! I can't tell what anything costs!"
Dealer: "Well, that the way the boss wants it."
Himself: "Well, when you put price tags on things, I'll be back."
VAROOM! Away we go.

Visiting Mom-in-law for news and breakfast. She has a birthday card for Himself, the youngest of three boys. She also offers to take me along on one of her day trips, this time in August to see William Christopher in a play. Whah!! Yes Mom and thank you, I shall pack straight away! :)

Happy 'versary, Honey! Five years of blissful co-habitation. I don't think Hallmark makes a card for that, so I'll make dinner instead. Our wedding anniversary is in December, looking forward to that one too.

Tune in tomorrow night for: A Major Birthday Celebration.

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