02 February 2011

Things to do when you're snowed in.

When you know that a blizzard is about to attack, hurry to the store. Buy important supplies such as food, coffee, and toilet paper.

An amusing story about toilet paper...

Some folks we know were doing the stockup routine before a major snowstorm. While standing in the aisle, deciding what to get next, a man went by with a cart. In the cart was a BALE of toilet paper. Like, five hundred rolls or so. I may be exaggerating.

Our friends stared in awe as the giant bale of TP trundled past. A helpful fellow (I believe they said he was of Asian descent) decided to put their confused minds at ease by confiding some words of wisdom.

"Big storm make people go more."

Anyway, while you are buying your bale of toilet paper, get a few craft supplies. With the help of some beads, yarn, and scissors, I made a groovy new curtain for Junior's room.

What do you want to make today?


Judy said...

very cute. he is a lucky little guy. I always wanted a bead curtain when I was a kid at home, but Mom always said no.

Anonymous said...

shorifiySnowed in? And here, we are having 43 degree days. Good luck being housebound, I'd love a few days with no where to go. Be safe x

silfert said...

We've been having a fine time. Snow isn't nearly as scary as flooding; I hope you're all okay!