25 May 2010

Survival of the frosted.

Success is sweet. I managed all of this weekend's caking without losing my mind OR my spouse. Do not ask about the losing of tempers. We won't go there.

I'm getting back into the fiber swing of things. Two skeins done in three days. That sounds super awesome until you realize that a) they're two-ply, and b) there's only about 70-odd yards per. But still! I made two skeins of yarn in a matter of days. This is good.

If you're a fellow fiber freak, you'll want to know that the yarn in question is a blend of... where's the little paper cuff? Ah. Yeah, it's carded batts of 80% Shetland (sheep fuzz), 10% Angora (bunny fuzz), and 10% Tussah silk noil (worm fuzz).

Some of you are scratching your heads. It's the worm fuzz concept, isn't it? Well, Tussah silk is from wild silkworms, rather than cultivated silkworms. God, I just had a visual of worms in tiny top hats... Anyway, the noil description refers to what you get when you let the silkworm moth eat its way out of the cocoon instead of boiling it to unreel an intact length of silk thread.

Yeah, gross.

So, with the combo of these three fibers, you (or at least I) get a really nifty two-ply tweedy yarn with little fuzzy places and little slubby bits sticking out here and there. Trust me, it's cool.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with it...


Lourie said...

LOL...yep I was totally scratching my head there. But I will take your word for it.

Rhubarb Whine said...

I love the idea of silkworms in top hats. Great image. Little suit tails, too :)

Anonymous said...

Pictures, or it didn't happen. I'm referring to the silkworm top hats, of course.

Sadako said...

MMmmm, cake icing! Want to hear more about that.

silfert said...

After I ride out the 10,000-volt sugar buzz, there will definitely be more Adventures in Frostingland!