23 May 2010

For cake's sake.

I think I have a third-degree sugar buzz.

What's the most cake for which you personally have been responsible? Have you made a cake for a party? How about a graduation? How about a wedding?

How about a 50th anniversary, four graduations, a dinner, and a "have a nice trip" party?

In two days?

Five hundred servings is a lot of cake. I'm really glad I'm only doing the baking and decorating. If I had to eat that much cake, seriously horrible things would happen. I mean, it's bad enough when you laugh and milk comes out of your nose.

What if it was frosting?


rachel said...

ONLY doing the baking and decorating?? ONLY??

That's serious business. Well done you.

The milk/nose bit made me laugh - until I recalled sitting in Ikea cafe years ago with a friend and her baby twins, one of whom silently vomited an entire bottle down his nose and all over himself, the high chair, the floor. Staff gave us a bucket with about 2 inches of water and a very small bunch of paper towels.....

Lourie said...

So are you coming to CALI to make my cake? It's the big four-oh!

Penny said...

I'm echoing Rachel here - well done! Trying to imagine that much frosting...