30 April 2010

You can never have too many friends.

And lucky me, I like all the ones I do have.

Friends bring stuff into our lives. Maybe it's a small treat, like introducing you to a song you've never heard before and immediately love. Maybe it's the smile that brightens your day. Sometimes it's badly needed support during rough times.

And every now and then, friends bring something tangible. A three-dimensional expression of the heart. Three such expressions came in the mail this week. One was a lovely card and enclosure from db in New York. A package from Pennsylvania contained a wonderful "knitted" card and a treasure bag for Junior. A box from Canada included another sweet card and some spinning fiber (merino/silk blend in a colorway called "She-Oak", drool), sandalwood shower gel, and two fruit jackets.

See, if you have fruit in your lunchbox, it won't get banged around and bruised up if it's wearing a jacket. And yeah. Himself has already made THAT comment about the banana jacket. No need to go there.


Although Junior looks half-asleep, having just awakened from his nap, he was pleased to receive his awesome new treasure bag and promptly filled it with his favorite blocks. Now I just have to make about five hundred more to hold all of his other stuff...

Yep, you can never have too many friends. One of my friends is calling right now, as a matter of fact. Just a minute, coffee pot!


Lourie said...

The best of friends are not afraid to want to take a certain shirt hostage. :P Love ya, Audrey! Muah!

Anonymous said...

Very special indeed.

I am assuming no other packages have arrived in the last few months then.... ?

silfert said...

Hmm, should I be harassing the mail carrier? :O

Mags said...

Sorry I haven't been by, (shame on me)...I'm so lazy. Your blog is one of my favourites, especially when you include pix of your little man...awww, he's gorgeous.
Btw, I'm so lovin' your handspun.
Happy knitting.
M. xo