26 April 2010

Has it been that long?

Apparently it has. Junior celebrated his second birthday this past Saturday. I am pleased and appalled by such a realization. My sweet little baby is now in full-on Man Mode, putting on his own shoes (almost) and feeling entitled to his own portion of All Things Frosted.

He enjoyed every bite.

In true "free spirit" fashion, we decided to forgo the traditional birthday party in favor of an open house-style event. No invitations were sent. I just mentioned that there would be cake on such-and-such day. Kind of like Field of Dreams.

"If you bake it, they will come."

I baked six cakes. They are all gone. Here's the party rundown:

3:00 (am) -- I am done with work and baking, time for bed.

7:30 -- Junior wakes up.

7:35 -- Himself gets up.

8:03 -- Junior discovers his present, a shiny new tricycle!

8:27 -- I get up.

8:45 -- Junior plays while Himself makes a breakfast run and I put cakes together.

10:00(ish) -- The first guests arrive. Junior is highly impressed by his present, a storytelling teddy bear.

10:30 -- More guests, more presents, and cake is served.

12:30 (pm) -- The family is present. The candle is lit and "Happy Birthday" is played. Junior enjoys his cake.

2:15 -- The musicians begin arriving. Folks have been coming and going all day. Junior is still going strong.

4:00 -- Hot dogs and beans are made available, and the sixth pot of coffee is made. I am on my second cup and starting to drag.

8:00 -- The crowd is starting to thin out, although a few people are still dropping by. Junior thinks he is a rock star and plans to party all night.

8:30 -- Most of the guests are preparing to leave. Junior is blowing kisses left and right. I'm still waiting for the expected nuclear meltdown.

8:45 -- Junior is done. He staggers up to me, signs 'bed' and announces, "Night... night" with half-closed eyes.

8:47 -- Junior is in his pj's.

8:49 -- Junior is in his crib.

8:50 -- Junior is asleep.

11:30 -- The last guest leaves.

And how was YOUR weekend?


Mags said...

Enjoy every moment, it really does go by too fast! Wow, he's such a gorgeous little boy.
Bet he loves his bike, but probably not as much as he seems to love frosting!
Great picture.
Happy knitting.
M. xo

Dee said...

I can't believe it has been 2 whole years. Time flies and I have not seen you in forever, we must get together soon.

Hug your little boy and wish him a happy (belated) birthday from me.

Dee Anna

Lourie said...

Wow! My kids have NEVER EVER volunteered bed. Hahaha. And when the party is over they are hard to settle down. LOL.

Sounds like it was a great and busy day. I can't believe he is 2 now! It just blows my mind. Of course, wait til he is in middle school. *sigh*

Love YA!

The Lass said...

Oh, happy belated birthday to your little guy!! Sounds like a very busy day. I am still in planning mode - our little one's second birthday is May 13. I honestly cannot believe that she should be so grown up already.

rachel said...

What a lovely day, for all of you! Well done you, for all that cake.....

Dianne said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Happy Birthday Junior!