16 November 2009

I heard it through the... grapevine?

There is one thing that will dc the complaints from our backseat driver, and that's his nursery rhyme CD. Within two notes from the opening xylophone track, there is silence and contentment from Captain Crabby.

The senior passengers are another story...

With the car tunes and the music class and the at-home singing, I hear a lot of nursery rhymes. A lot lot. Since one can only listen to so many repeats of "Pop Goes the Weasel" before "Mom Goes Berserk", we have come up with ways to combat the potential for insanity.

As an example, we sing a blues version of "Itsy-Bitsy Spider". It's very cool, and Junior grins and dances every time he hears it. Seeking another such blend of kid and contemporary, I produced the following arrangement of a well-known song covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The management takes no responsibilities for injuries sustained while grooving. Get down at your own risk.

Oo, oo, the spider, he went up the spout.
Down came the rain and it washed him out.
Out came the sun and it dried the rain.
So that spider climbed back up again.
He could have saved himself some time;
watched the forecast on Channel 9.

Oo, yeah, I heard it in a nursery rhyme.
Got those songs playing all the time.
Whoo, yes, I heard it in a nursery rhyme.
And I'm just about to lose my mind.

Make a ring around a rosy now,
fill your pockets with some posies now.
Ashes, ashes, sneeze all over town.
Join your hands and we all fall down.
Though the words are kind of vague,
listen close: it's about the Plague!


Willie Winkie, he runs everywhere.
Down the stairs in his underwear.
Banging on windows, he yells through locks,
"Go to bed, 'cause it's eight o'clock!"
Do you plan to sleep yourself,
or just holler at everyone else?



Dianne said...

That's hilarious. I especially like "Listen close: it's about the Plague!"

Everyone here made it through the storm fine, thanks for asking. And no, I've never found any red sea glass. Or cobalt blue, either, but I'm still looking!

Mags said...

Don't you hate it when a tune gets stuck in your head..no wonder you're rewriting before you start pulling your hair out!
Wait 'till your wee one is off at school and he's doing your version and maintaining it's right...heehee.
Happy knitting.

Lourie said...

once it was my mother's music. Then it was mine. Then it was ours. Now it is just theirs! Blah! Good luck. I love your version of the itsy bisty spider!

Molly said...

I love "I Heard it Through The Grapevine!" Makes a great tune for your personal version of "Spider!" which is hilarious.....

Anonymous said...

We sing 'insy winsy spider'. Cultural difference in words?

silfert said...

Must be a cultural thing. I grew up with "itsy-bitsy", while the class CD (made by a nice lady from Canada) uses "eensy-weensy". They all sound better than, "nasty hairy spider"!