08 September 2009

With coffee...

...I can do anything! Except remember stuff, that is.

It's been a full, rich weekend. Home from work at three a.m.Saturday morning (after much coffee), up at six-thirty to go to the Prairie (with much coffee). There was a lot going on for the Labor Day weekend, including a quilt show and various demonstrations by yours truly. Weaving, spinning, and dyeing. And much coffee. I taught a big, burly dude to use a drop spindle (he did a fine job), and a whole slew of folks (most of them adults, amazingly enough) learned to weave bookmarks.

I found it rather endearing that the adults were just as serious in color selection as the little kids.

My dad's sister is in town, so we had visiting. This is where the whopping brain cramp comes in. When family is in town, you go to see them, right? Not so simple for musicians. Behold:

Me: "Okay, are we ready to go to Mom and Dad's?"

Himself: "Well, I guess so. But we've got people coming over tonight."

Me: "Huh?"

Himself: "It's Monday. We're supposed to rehearse."

Me: "OH! Crap. I forgot. The schoolhouse thing."

With leaving-the-house-plans scrapped, Himself headed for Taco Bell to retrieve dinner. I left a voicemail with the fiddle player and started a pot of coffee. Himself returned and we dined in takeout splendor. Moments later, we heard footsteps on the porch. A knock on the door. Three seconds later, a horrible realization manifested.


A very sheepish me faced Himself and our bass player, both leaning against various parts of the house, laughing until they nearly cried. Mustering what little dignity I had left, I held out a plastic bag.

"Would you like a burrito?"

The bass player accepted the burrito with grace and humor while Himself offered to get him "one of the really GOOD plastic forks we save for company occasions". I countered with the idea that our friend was now a family member, as we sure as hell weren't treating him like a guest.

The rehearsal was a success, including the new intro and outro for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a number of other cool and groovy tunes. A few more squares on the calendar have been filled in with bold print, and all is well with the world.

Dear God, please don't let me forget that I have to make a wedding cake this Saturday...


Mags said...

Thank God for a jolt of caffine..too bad it doesn't improve memory function. Sounds like you had a good weekend.
Happy knitting.

P.S. Hope your Dad is doing well.

Lourie said...

I am glad I am not the only one who forgets stuff like that. It worries me some.....wait...what were we talking about? ;)

Rebecca Talley said...

I have a wedding coming up--hope I don't forget anything.

I'd love to be a musician and I'd love to pick my knitting back up. I used to knit a lot but then had to choose between that and writing. Chose the writing.

I came to visit your blog because I absolutely love your profile picture and I saw it on Lourie's blog.

Glad to meet you.

rhubarbwhine said...

At least you had a burrito for him!

yarndork said...

Um, wedding cake, huh? I take it they wouldn't go for a burrito too, huh?