12 September 2009

Grumble, grumble...

WHY do I ALWAYS forget the camera?

I even reminded myself. Self, don't forget to take the camera so you can take a picture of the cake once it's set up.

Forgot the camera.

It was a nice cake, too. Two tiers, pearl-colored dots around the sides, a bottom border of flowers in two shades of blue, little green leaves... and no pictures. Oh, well. Maybe the mom of the bride will e-mail me some. We work together, after all. A picture isn't too much to ask.

Let's see, what else did I fail to photograph?

Well, we played for a tractor show yesterday, that was fun. By the end of our hour set, we'd gone from an audience of four to full bleachers. Not bad for the ego, that. They paid us in gift certificates to the show "store" and we picked up a T-shirt and a cookbook.

Hmm, Dorito Casserole...

Junior the Great displayed his knowledge this morning while being dressed. "Here's your shoe, where's your right foot?" Up popped said foot, waiting to be shod. "Good job, kid! Now gimme your left foot." A pause, then the left foot was offered. Smart boy. Now I have to teach him to work the ball winder.

Speaking of ball winder, I'm getting crazy with the spinning. If my fabulous wool from fabulous J ever dries out (thank you, stupid weather), I can begin spinning for her stockings in between bouts of Eternal Garter Stitch. In the meantime, I'm playing with colorways and plying techniques.

Hey! Any of you spinners or religious scholars out there wanna help answer a question? A local couple hosts a sort of "Walk Through Bethlehem" every December. They have a marketplace and such, people in costume, and lots of things for folks to see, hear, and touch. Gives them an idea of what life was like around the year Zip. I asked if they'd want a spinner and boy, talk about lighting up! Whoo! Dynamite eyes. They allowed that it would probably be the coolest thing since sliced bread, so I'll go and hang out for a few days and spin.

Here's my dilemma: I'm reasonably sure that Jacob or Karakul would be suitable breeds from which to take fleece. They're unimproved breeds, and would almost certainly have been around during that time. No problem there. But what about the spindle? High or low whorl? Wood or stone? Tapered shaft? Whorl shape? What would be authentic? Yeah, most of the folks going probably won't know any more than I currently do about what's realistic and what's a crock, but I surely can't show up with a CD on a stick and call it historic.



Lourie said...

The whole thing sounds really neat. Not sure what ideas to offer. I want to say, stone or something that looks a lot like that. Ummm....google? hahaha. Good luck.

Mags said...

Nope..no ideas here.
Your little man is so darned cute in the (new?) side bar pic. Love his bib overalls and cute cap. Is that the mail he's delivering??? He looks so happy!
Wow..kids grow up way too fast.
Good luck with the search.
Happy knitting.

Dee said...

No help on the spinning question, but if it makes you feel better I always remember the camera and still end up with no photos. I forget to actually take the camera out.

Dee Anna

rhubarbwhine said...

No help at all from me, who also forgets the camera - or - if I do actually remember it, I forget to take the damn photos!

Molly said...

Savour the moments! Mags is right, they grow up awfully fast. It sounds trite because everybody tells you that, but here's the kicker---it's T.R.U.E ! Blink and he'll be vanishing out the door , car keys in hand......

jillster said...

Gal -- your Blackberry is a camera phone! Not the best quality pictures, but better than nothing. And even those pictures can be tweaked a bit using photo editing software to improve contrast and color.

Dianne said...

I kind of like the idea of a shepherdess spinning with a CD on a stick... :)