06 April 2009

Brought to you by the letter "S"!

"S" is for spaghetti, and silliness, and stand, and sweet...

and SMILE!!

This is the face of a very happy almost-one-year-old. "S" is for son, and special, and snuggly.

Around our house, "S" is also for stash.

My yarn is not only intelligent, it has the power of procreation. What started a a few skeins has mushroomed into a pile of gargantuan proportions. It knows how to hide from me. It multiplies when I'm not looking. "S" is for sentient, and sex.

I can't open a certain closet, because there are boxes in there. Many boxes, all full of yarn. Big, heavy boxes that try to fall on me if the stash thinks I'm going to try to reduce its size. "S" is for squish.

I ponder the many boxes and think about the value of the yarn inside. Over the years, it is entirely possible that I have financed the purchase of someone's house with my fiberholicism. I am afraid to tot up just how much I've spent on yarn and yarn-related things. "S" is for staggering.

My husband thinks I am slightly nuts, although he appreciates hand-knit socks. My friends and family members look at me funny, although they do enjoy the wooly dividends of our continued association. I consider the fact that my yarn, expensive and occasionally vicious though it may be, keeps me happy. And sane. And out of jail. I think of these things and realize that there is but one thing to say to those who would tell me that my personal obession is, to them, weird.

"S" is for "So what?"


Nichole said...

Thanks for LIKING to read my blog! LOL :) Now if only all my so-called "friends" weren't such arses! lol

Lourie said...

"S" is for Super..which you are! I can't believe your young man is almost a year. It goes fast doesn't it?

Molly said...

S is also for Slow and Slothful and Senile! I have unfinished sweaters in a bag, deep in my closet, that were started more than twenty years ago! That covers the "Slow." I need someone like you to help me rescue them, as my Slothfulness, not to mention my cluelessness on how to right the mistakes that caused the big slowdown,is causing Senility....

Happy Birthday to that lovely, smiley, almost-one year old! Today is my baby's [youngest] birthday. He used to be small and cuddly like that, [only yesterday, it seems!] but now he towers over me and has two hollow legs.........!

Mags said...

Your 'wee' man is beautiful..where did this last year go???
Your posts are always..simply a joy to read!
Happy (stash) knitting.
P.S. I often wonder where my stash will end up if I die..

One Sheep said...

No wonder that handsome young man is smiling. He's pretty sure that at least part of the growing pile of yarn will turn into comfy-cozy, handmade-with-Mom's-love goodies that he'll get to wear!

Ollie said...

S is also for Superlatively Sweet - And he is.

As for Stash, mine grows with the Same Stunning Speed as yours does. I just don't knit fast enough

rhubarbwhine said...

and S for sweet :)

Sue said...

I agree my stash grows when I'm not watching it, but for some strange reason it never produces exactly the yarn I need for the next project. So, of course, another trip to the yarn shop is necessary.