02 April 2009

Bananas and stash.

Behold, the Monkey Boy!

Cute little thing, ain't he? He's also a total fruit freak. Bananas are at the top of the list, followed by pears and apricots.

He hates macaroni and cheese.

I KNOW! Weird! Here I thought it was one of the laws of kid-dom. "Thou shalt love macaroni and cheese." Apparently not. Spinach? Okay. Green beans? Rock on. Baby-style lasagne? Break out the shades and do a happy dance.

Macaroni and cheese? Two little arms clamped over the mouth, coupled with a mighty scowl. He looks like a teeny little Bela Lugosi!

"Okay, kiddo. Have a banana."

At least it's healthy.

Speaking of healthy, I still have a hale and hearty stash, even as my self-induced yarn fast nears an end. I can't win. I think the stash is now a sentient entity, capable of self-protection. I think it eats random papers and such, just to ensure the continuation of its current size.

Paper is made of fiber, right? Hm...

Good Lord. Cannibal yarn?


Lourie said...

You're little guy is soooo cute! It's funny what they eat and don't. And how it changes.

Mags said...

Wow...your little one is adorable and getting so big! Must be all the fruits and veggies he loves.
You are so right about the yarn stash..what a thought tho..cannibal yarn! (Heehee)
Happy knitting

Judy said...

Just be thankful he likes fruit and veggies. My two would rather have had the mac and cheese and still don't eat their veggies like I would like them to (they are 32 and 27).
Junior is adorable.