04 March 2009

What a week!

I got a present, I got a present! Since my photography skills are up to their usual level of crappiness today, you might head over to Grannypurl to see just how cool and groovy these socks are:

They're soft, they're bright and cheerful, they're extremely well made, AND THEY FIT! They fit like a glove! A pair of gloves...

The package included a keychain, which features a teeny tiny matching sock, and a book for Junior which features a duck and a "Press here to hear the duck quack" button. It took him all of three seconds to master this particular skill, so the book went over very well.

Hm? Why is there only one sock in the picture? I was wearing the other one. Right now, I'm wearing both of them. My feet are thrilled. Thank you!!

Other good news this week? Little Himself said his first word other than "Mama" or "Dada". Surprisingly enough, it wasn't "guitar" or "coffee". He was sitting on the rug and spied his pacifier. He crawled over and snatched it up with the triumphant cry of "Inky!"

"Yes, Honey. That's your binky. Very good!"

A big smile in return.

Now, unfortunately, our little man is having health issues. The dreaded Upper Respiratory Infection, which has led to something really rotten: a double ear infection. He's fairly cheerful when we can distract him, but every now and then he remembers, "Hey, my ears HURT! This sucks!" Luckily for Junior, we have a large stash of blankies and TWO available laps on which to cuddle.


Dianne said...

Lovely socks! I hope your little man is feeling better very soon.

Mags said...

So glad the sox fit!
Aww, I think there is nothing worse than a sick baby...he can't tell you how much it hurts...but since he's starting to speak, well it won't be too long!!
Hope he feels better soon!!!
Happy knitting.

Molly said...

Since I have notoriously cold feet [no, I'm not a 'fraidy cat!] my feet would also be thrilled by socks such as these! The last time I knit a sock was in third grade under the tuteledge of Sr. Mary Brosnan.My tongue was sticking out sideways, clamped between my teeth the whole time!
Hope your little man feels better soon!

Dee said...

I hope your baby feels better soon!

Dee Anna

Lourie said...

I hate it when my kids are sick. It just tears your heart. I have a sicky this week. My oldest has a UTI. I looked it up--for causes and such--and less than 3% of children get one each year. Guess she was just lucky that way! Sheesh!

Ron Sillett said...

It's only the beginning, my dear. It won't be long before you're telling him to sit down and be quiet. :-) Sorry to hear about the ear infections. Our grandmonkey Zachary had the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Poor little guy didn't like it one bit. I can feel for Jr.
Love to ya'll

Lisa Marie said...

Poor Tommy! Ear infections suck =/

rhubarbwhine said...

Oh, poor wee man, sounds sore.
My son;s first word, was 'puss' Not even mumma, dadda... no, the cat ranked quite highly...