14 March 2009

I'm not Catholic, but...

We're in the middle of Lent and I'm... gee, what's the word? "Celebrating Lent" doesn't seem to be the right turn of phrase. "Suffering"? Well, sacrifice is the idea, but that's not it.

I'm participating. There we go. I'm participating in Lent by giving up yarn purchases for the duration. No new yarn until after Easter.

Yes, it sucks.

Character-building experiences usually do, so this must be great for me. I did get to go to the LYS and buy some yarn on behalf of the library, but none for me. It's weird, I tell ya! The good news is that I'm turning several UFO's into FO's.

Heh, heh. FO's. That particular letter combo means something else entirely to me, and seeing it typed out by other, less evil people in blogs and whatnot always makes me laugh.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of finishing some socks, some other socks, and a pair of felted pillows. Under normal circumstances, it would be NEXT Easter before I finished these things, but Lent has staged an intervention.

"Uh, the other holidays and I have noticed that you're having some serious issues with project monogamy. You've gone way past Fiber Floozy and all the way to Stitch Slut. We can't sit by on the calendar and watch you waste your days and your yarn this way. It has to STOP. You can't buy any new yarn for a while, and you need to finish at least three works-in-progress before you do buy anything else.

Hm? No, one sock each of three pairs does not count as finishing three projects."

And so, I'm getting reacquainted with The Stash. I've frogged some things that never really held my interest. A couple of scarves that will never be finished, the back of a sweater that even I can't kid myself I'll ever fit into, one or two "What the hell was I thinking"-type projects.

I've got the reclaimed yarn, I've got a few projects in the "Done" pile, and I've got more room in the Almighty Storage Pile.

Hey, Easter! Hurry it up already!


rhubarbwhine said...

Heh - just think of all the fun you'll have after Easter!

Molly said...

If you're a fiber floozy I shudder to think what moniker I deserve for my quilting stash!

Lourie said...

My biggest vices are TV and the computer. I think I would go into convulsions. Guess it's good that I am not Catholic. heh.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Many years ago I observed Lent by giving up "Observing Lent". I'm still doing fine, no temptations at all.

Mags said...

You go girl....I hear the needles clicking....new FO's and reclaimed yarn. (It will have to do.)HeeHee! I just hope the headlines at Easter don't read, "Woman runs amok in LYS!" Well I for one couldn't blame you...I hate diets of any sort!!!
Happy knitting.