18 March 2009

Dude, where's my week?

Doctor Who is a Time Lord.

Certain people at work are Time Wasters.

The Universe is a Time Thief.

I swear that yesterday was Saturday! I had plenty of time to accomplish everything. Now it's Thursday and I need to:

pack up and get out of the coffeeshop so I can go to the jam session where I will watch the baby and make coffee and entertain our out-of-town friends while the guys play music before heading for home and putting the baby to bed so I can bake two cakes for a retirement party but they're going to be made from special recipes from my World War II baking book because the retiree is a WWII Navy veteran but I can't do any decorating because that has to wait until tomorrow morning really early because I have to be at the Arts Center at nine to do a weaving project for the Spring Fling Celebration with a big bunch of four-year-olds until ten-thirty which is right before the party which means Himself will have to pack up Junior and pick me up from the Center so we can run home and get the cakes and take them to the paper where we will party down in a dignified manner before starting the paper run which will finish in time for me to walk home and make dinner before taking Junior to his baby music class which gets out at seven and then I'll have just enough time to get to the library for the lecture on the Dust Bowl and then head for home to


Just hand me the yarn, already. It's soft and I can sleep on it.



Molly said...

Oh Lawrd!! I'm exhausted just reading this! Hope you survived!

Lourie said...

Sounds like a pretty average day to me. ;)

Sue said...

For safety around the garden you want to check on what plants are poisonous. I think the ASPCA has a list on their site. I know a few. I took all the lilies of the valley out of the yard and put a fence around the bleeding hearts. Cocoa mulch is another. Of course pesticides and fertilizers are dangerous.

silfert said...

Thanks! Off to the ASPCA site I go...

Mags said...

You said all that without taking a breath...I think I need a nap.
Happy knitting...er, when would you have time???

Judy said...

Good grief!!! Will you even have time to breathe this weekend?
Take care.