16 February 2009


Greetings, all. As I spent most of the evening attempting to download new software for the phone, it is now closing time at the coffeeshop with nothing to show for my trouble except this very brief post.

Himself is well, but bored out of his mind by unemployment. Acting on a suggestion from D and K, we showed each other some cards at the Evil Empire to celebrate Valentine's Day:

"Here, Honey. Read this and pretend my name's at the bottom."

"Aw, thanks. Now scratch out the part about My Dear Wife and fill in 'husband' instead."

"That's nice."

Of course, he did get me a very cool present. A sock pattern book, complete with toe socks, kid socks, and reversible socks. I must try the reversible socks. I have a pretty good idea how it's accomplished, but I want to make some. They're REALLY cool.

Junior has two new teeth and is learning the fine art of reducing teething biscuits to paste, which is then smeared over every avalable surface. He also has his very own rubber duckie, courtesy of "Auntie" M L, one of the nice ladies with whom I work. This works out well, as he admired his Grandpa's "devil" duckie, and as he is currently covered in the aforementioned biscuit paste and needs a bath.

I am still feeling good after playing music last night for a local church. The new pastor collared us after the performance and seemed quite intent on getting all of our contact info and a promise that we would come and play for a Sunday Service. Or ten.

Hmm... Family news, music, knits... What's missing?


My Mom-In-Law gave me a big jar of freshly-hammered black walnuts. How about a nice warm batch of Cinnamon Black Walnut Cookies with Chocolate Chips?

And a Spandex insert for my pants...


KFG said...

That card trick works for all Holidays, not just V-day.

If things get much worse, we're going to have to wall off the farm, start a commune of music friends, grow veggies and live off the "fat" (har-har) of the land. (PS - there is none! Been there, done that!). Grow a garden, raise chickens, get a milk cow and some sheep and llamas for you to gather wool. I've got a horse and carriage. It ... could... work!!

Mags said...

Your new sox book sounds interesting...mmmm...reversible sox.
Maybe this is the worst of times and the best is yet to come....hope so!
Take care and happy knitting.
P.S. I like the farm commune idea..don't you?

Naomi said...

Move the commune to Oregon and I'll join!

Mags said...

The commune needs to be in Pennnsylvania!
Happy knitting.

yarndork said...

Mmmmmm, black walnuts...forget the cookies, I'd just eat a bag of walnuts!

Mags said...

I have a pair of sox for you. Could you send me your address thru 'Socknitters,' or 'Ravelry' and I will get them right out to you!
Happy knitting.