19 January 2009

Well, poop.

I WAS going to have a really cool post today. Rhubarb Whine (Sorry, you'll have to do it manually; I can't figure out how to get this thing to link to the page without a big long string of page address characters. It's over there, thataway.) sent me some questions for a sort of meme thingy, with deep and interesting questions that require deep and meaningful answers. Unfortunately, the piece of @#$% device responsible for keeping those questions safe until I had a chance to answer them failed to do so, and ate them instead.

Sigh. So, if you've read this far and have nothing to do, you're stuck reading about some knitting stuff.

I am in the process of making two felted bags for the upcoming Intermediate class at the library, plus a pair of socks for Junior's music teacher, plus a pair of felted pillows for a friend, plus a scarf for my mom (Remember the fiber split last year? I'm using that in linen stitch.), plus some socks for a lawyer friend ( They're sort of hibernating right now.), plus a bunch of yarn for some other friends, plus working up the nerve to prepare for the Ultimate Project.

"Oooh, what's the Ultimate Project?"

Well, I need to spin yarn, prepare a pattern, and knit a pair of medieval-style stockings with garters. They should have been done long ago, but I suffer from Knitter's Disease, that oddball combination of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Note to the Brain Police, because I know you're out there. Buzz off. Politically Correct watchdogs will be fed to the trolls.

Knitter's Disease is obvious in the way we devote near-religious attention to tiny details, right up until the moment we toss a project aside to say, "Wow! Look at THAT yarn!" There is no cure. Low on cash? Credit. Credit bad? Side jobs. Divorce when your totally unreasonable spouse declares, "It's the yarn or me!"? Duh! Someone on Ravelry probably has the pattern to enable you to KNIT a new spouse.

Yes, there are some knitters that stick to one project at a time. Weirdos. Just peek in their book stash. Tons of pages marked with "to do" stickers. This is the mild form of the illness. Wait for it.

Do not try to 'help' the seemingly overwhelmed knitter. We will gnash our teeth at you if you so much as look at our piled projects a tad too long. It is not chaos. It is inspiration. It is presents of Christmas Future. It is...

Holy crap; it is time to cast on that shawl! This yarn is perfect!


Mags said...

I love that you have sooooo many projects going at once, could be you just thrive on chaos???
I am one of those one project at a time people..."Don't hate me!" It's just another form of that knitting disease,I am sooo compulsive I must get one project done before letting myself start another!! Sooo where's the nearest hospital, let's check in together....shouldn't we take our knitting.
Happy times!

silfert said...

Oh, I could never hate anyone for being good at something! A little envious, maybe... ;)

Anonymous said...

I deleted the sent questions too. Bottoms! Perhaps if you knit me some socks... (kidding!)

You want me to think you up some new questions? They won't be as creative as the first, I put my bestest brain cells into them there ones, you know... :)

KFG said...

Next time we're in the same place I'll show you how to make that link to a website - or not. Then you can show me how to knit - or knot. :-)

Mags said...

I think I was a little ambiguous yesterday....just because I'm a one project person doesn't mean I'm not drowning in yarn and patterns...now if I just live long enough.(HeeHee)
Happy knitting.

Dianne said...

One project at a time? Perish the thought!!!

Sue said...

Boy, you have that right. I'm trying to finish up a bunch of projects right now so I can start a new bunch.

Molly said...

I thought that was quilters'disease! I used to knit, but I'm afraid to take it up again, having seen what a maniac my daughter has become.....I think your first commenter is onto something. Some of us just thrive on chaos!
I couldn't comment on your more recent posts. When I saw Rhubarb's questions my brain went "la,la,la,la,la!" Too similar to what she asked me, which I have yet to answer! Didn't want to read yours before I answer mine, but I'll be back!