18 December 2008

Lay off the fan, already!

Okay, let's see...

The economy is in the toilet, my husband is out of work (no fault of his own), and the paper for which I work is about as useful as earrings on a buzzard.

Yep, that pretty well sums it up. But it could be worse.

I could be living in a George Orwell novel, with a spouse that refuses to work, and be unemployed myself. Sounds like I've got it made in comparison. Can't be down all the time, right? While rose-colored glasses don't so you a whole lot of good, crap-colored lenses aren't much better.

Who wants to knit with nothing but brown yarn for the rest of their life?

So, to balance out the crumminess, I bring you a list of Cool Things That Have Happened Recently.

10. I found some new blogs to read.
9. The coffee at work today was drinkable, and there were butter cookies, too. Bonus, dude.

8. We went to a great party earlier this month. While the reason for the party was doubleplusungood (a good friend moving away, insert sad face here), the party itself was excellent.

7. This week, I made six people throw back their heads and laugh out loud.

6. My sister made chili for us. It was outstanding chili, too. With corn and little bits of potato.

5. It's cold and horrible and miserable outside, but Himself doesn't have to go out and spend the day working in it.

4. I did a good deed and bought some yarn. At the same time! Here it is:

Nice, eh? It was made in Nepal at the Kumbeshwar Technical School, so by buying it, you're helping others help themselves.

3. My husband bought me chocolate.

2. While out shopping, I ran into an old and dear friend.

And the Number One Cool Thing:

Somebody is eating big boy food!


loloen said...

Awww, what did you start him on? He looks huge! Cute! Just wait until he throws all his food on the floor due to a TANTRUM. That's what phase my girl has progressed to now...

Mags said...

Soooo...little 'Mister Gorgeous' is eating people food. How time flies..than God for Kodak moments!!!!
BTW..I will send you directions for the knit styrofoam ornaments if you give me your e-mail thru 'Socknitters'
Sorry things are so bleak..hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel..like you say 'tho there's Mister Gorgeous; who enriches your world!!
Happy knitting..with the beautiful new yarn!

Dianne said...

"Crap colored glasses" - that's good. Let's hope for a better 2009.

Big boy food? How is that possible? Just yesterday he was a sweet little teeny tiny baby. Congratulations to the big boy!

KFG said...

I'm wearing those glasses too. Probably shouldn't write with those glasses on, but oh well, we have our ups and downs and I'm damned tired of the perpetually brave and cheerful face. Fe. That's the symbol for iron (stay strong) and an abbreviation for ... well... you canfigure it out, you're clever!

Glad to see little himself chowing down on the gruel!

silfert said...

Besides baby gruel, he likes bananas and carrots. Peas, however, are not on at all.

©Hotbutton Press said...

Mercy sakes, can that child get any cuter? Who's the other baby on the right? In 1957?

Happy Yule!


Sue said...

I like the colors of the yarn. Will you use them together in a project. What a great bright look that would be.

Thanks for visiting my blog.