04 December 2008

A contest!

Poor Himself. He has been led astray yet again by would-be film fanatics. I'd say that out of the last... five films recommended to him by friends, five of them have... well...


It's hard to watch a movie with him. If it's based on history, he already knows the facts and will not hesitate to roll his eyes and growl at the screen when the script deviates from reality. If it's based on Hollywood's idea of What People Like, he will hate it.

Last night's experiment was Reservoir Dogs, touted as a Great Movie. The papers said so, various friends said so. Himself believed them and borrowed said film from the library. Hooray for free, because he hated it.

About one-third of the way through the film, Himself shut it off in disgust and announced, "Well, they shoot people and say @#$% a lot. Maybe I'll look at it some more later."

In sympathy with my dear spouse, I am announcing the Keep It Clean contest. The winner will recieve such "keeping it clean"-related prizes as I can afford to assemble. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment answering the question below. The Grand Prize will be awarded by the traditional "draw a name out of a hat" routine. A second place prize will be awarded to the entrant that submits an original film plot idea that makes Himself laugh out loud.

Entries will be accepted between now and midnight of next Thursday. And now for our question. Please choose the answer that most suits you.

"I would like to go away for a while. I think I will:

A. Visit an exotic market and sample the spices.

B. Trek up into the mountains and commune with nature.

C. Drive out to the cabin and curl up with a good book and a mug of coffee by the fire.

D. Sun myself on a tropical beach and sip frozen drinks."

Enter today, and remember to Keep It Clean!


Dee said...

Ohhh all good choices, but I must chose D, as long as I get to bring books and not too much sand gets in my knitting.

Naomi said...

I'd choose D, as E ("Go to a new yarn store and spend the Gross Domestic Product of Taiwan on yarn in order to actually complete a sweater in the yarn the pattern calls for") somehow did not make it on your list.

Dianne said...

I'd choose C, but really would rather have Naomi's "E" choice!

Mags said...

E. None of the above...but everyone beat me to the punch...like them, I'd rather be knitting!
Say ...when did your little celeb meet Elvis...duh..I just noticed the pix....too cute for words!
Happy (Christmas) knitting, I know you have a list of stuff!!!!

silfert said...

Oh, the knitting is a given! It goes where you do... ;)

jillster said...

C. Drive out to the cabin and curl up with a good book and a mug of coffee by the fire.

Anonymous said...

C, except can I sub out the coffee for, say, an adult beverage of my choice? And can I make it snowing? And can I bring a CD of Bing? And some dvd's like Holiday Inn and White Christmas? And I don't have to bring the kids, right?

Anonymous said...

You already know I am a D, right? (Although they all sound good). As long as I can take reading matter, I am ok!

loloen said...


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Mine would be A, but I'd be looking for spices for dying yarn, not cooking.

Original movie plot? Judging by what I've seen lately, I think those are extinct, but I'll try.

Two strangers bump into each other on the street and DO NOT instantly fall in love and jump into bed, where they discover that one of them is from another planet and the other is a disgraced ex-super hero, which is inconvenient since they need to save the world from terrorist monsters in pirate costumes who are shooting all the animated animals with a ray that makes them use only curse words. They just say "Excuse me.", the credits roll and we get to move on with our lives.