05 November 2008


O-KAY! A chance to update on my many exciting adventures of the past weekend! Let's start with Saturday.

See that link over there? The one that says "Pastor Nancy"? She's a dear friend of ours; we camp with her family at Winfield. She's a pastor at a Nazarene Church in Missouri and agreed to perform a Service of Dedication for Little Himself this past saturday.

It was perfect. The weather was great, for starters. I ended up cooking dinner for fourteen, although yours truly was too freaked out with tasks to eat. Part of this was due to the fact that I had to assemble and decorate the monstrously huge cake for the after-service reception. Another part has to do with the fact that I am a party vulture.

What's a party vulture? It's the host or hostess that spends the entire time circling the room, too intent on making sure everyone else has a good time to do things like eat, sit or visit the can.

Anyway, the service was beautiful. The place was full of friends. My folks, sister and nieces were there, along with Himself's mom. We had theater folks, musicians, and tons of "other" foks that might as well be family.

I must confess to a touch of bitterness here. Himself's mom (a lovely person) was the only member of his family to attend. Yes, people have things to do, but I'm still irritated. So there.

We played music, we ate cake, the party vulture circled, we cleaned up and moved the party to our house, a whole block north of the church. Doors open, coffee brewing, instruments blaring until eleven-thirty! We got down with our bad selves until the wee hours before even the diehards had to stagger home, pleading fatigue and an early start the next day.

There was one small problem with this wonderful evening. In light of my hyper-involvement with the arrangements, and Himself's nerve-induced forgetfulness...

We forgot to get pictures.

Not to worry! Two or three attendees failed to be scatterbrained, and have promised to send that which their cameras captured. Please do not beat me.

Sunday was... ta-dah! My birthday! Himself took me to breakfast, my family brought ice cream to go with the leftover cake, and we made a special trip north to buy something.

The Beatles Edition of Monopoly.

Yes, it is truly cool. Yes, it is truly expensive. Yes, we will have to play every night for the next three years to break even. No problem. I just have to figure out which token to use. The raccoon? The sun? Anybody who suggests the walrus will be hit with Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Heh, heh, heh!

While not really associated with the whole birthday festivities thing, I got two thoroughly groovy packages in the mail. One was from Knits In Church as part of a fiber swap. Yak, Corriedale, random bits; bright colors and rich naturals. Yea, verily, such things maketh my day!

And then another package arrived! This was from Busy J, a surprise for leaving a comment on one of her blog posts. Sort of a contest. This was a pair of bamboo needles and some GORGEOUS stitch markers. Himself remarked that they are jewelry-worthy, and he's right. One marker has an "I Love Knitting" charm attached; I may string that one on a chain and wear it! You should see them, but... uh...

No pictures. Ran out of the house without the camera.

In other news, Little Himself is loving his carrots, Himself is regaining some of his hearing, and I surprised the bejeebers out of a fellow knitter.

Stay tuned...


Mags said...

I know that vulture feeling you hover, mingle and chat to everyone...you just want everything to be spot on and it sounds like it was lovely time!!
Glad the 'big' man it feeling better..too bad some of the in-laws are outlaws...bah, family!!! Would have enjoyed pix..maybe next post.
Happy knitting.

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday! post pics of that beatles game. i wanna check it out!

Judy said...

Belated Happy Birthday. I "timed" that package nicely, didn't I? LOL Glad you like them.
Little Himself sounds to have had a phenominal christening. Share the pics when you get them.

Dianne said...

Happy birthday, a little late. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! A pox on the members of Himself's family who did not attend!

P.S. All will be forgiven if you really and truly get around to posting pictures.

yarndork said...

Beejeebers. I don't think you spelled that right. Tee hee.

silfert said...

Ah, it's a dialect thang. "Buh-JEE-burrs", fonetickly speaking. ;)

Ron Sillett said...

Sounds like it was a fine had by all. Would have liked to have been there, but being a thousand miles away makes it difficult to just jump in the car and hop on over. Give him a hug and smooch from his Great-uncle and Aunty.

Hug yourself too. :-)

yarndork said...

I was kidding! Plus, it was more like scaring the pee out of someone anyway.