13 August 2008

Start your day with a laugh!

Since Little Himself has turned into a drool machine, and chews on anything that strays near his mouth, we assume he's teething. This prompted a trip to the Evil Empire for a teething ring, which prompted the biggest laugh I've had in days.

Second only to an episode of Robot Chicken, but that's another story.

I got to the baby department and looked for teething rings. During my hunt, I was joined by a clerk. She was in the process of pulling some toys that had either been recalled or discontinued. These toys made sounds when shaken. It was at this point that hilarity ensued, because as each toy was marked off and launched into a cart, it yelled, "Woo-hoo!" before hitting bottom and giggling.

I almost needed to borrow one of Little Himself's diapers.

1 comment:

Mags said...

Sounds like your little guy is growing and thriving. Teething already..next thing you know he'll be walking and talking!!
It's always the little things that make us laugh.
Happy knitting.(If you have a minute!)