23 August 2008

I am the (wo)man!

After much sketching, swearing, and sidetracking, I have completed the first of the Pawprint socks!

My next task is to make the second sock, following my written directions without referring to the first sock. This will tell me if I've done a decent job of pattern-writing. Fingers crossed, and all that.

I like the yarn I'm working with (Cleckheaton's Baby Cocoon 4-ply), but I think it might be just a bit better suited to something that doesn't require the tension of socks. It's very soft, but the nylon content gives it enough "stick" to make me think it deserves to be a sweater instead of being garroted around sock needles. Still, it's got good stitch definition, the colors are nice, and it beats the bejeebers out of spinning Karakul fleece!

Once the second sock is done, I'll be posting a picture and instructions for anyone interested. Happy weekend!


Dianne said...

Yay - can't wait to see a picture!

Mags said...

Me too...can't wait to see a pix! And what about the boy...we'll take a pix of him too...okay! Maybe lying by the sox. (Sooo demanding!)
Happy knitting.