02 July 2008

Something to do...

Well, the guys are just a-wailin' away on the guitars, and Junior and I are enjoying each other's company. Actually, he's pretty well zonked out.

Hm. Yeah, he was pretty much born that way. Jeez, give a guy a heat lamp and a teddy bear and they just drift off into their own little world! Anyway, while Little Himself is sleeping, and Himself is playing the Enzyte song on the banjo, I'm figuring out... Huh? Why what? Oh.

He's playing the Enzyte song on the banjo because... well, because he can. After all, this is the guy who figured out a bluegrass version of "Aqualung" on the banjo. I call it Homer and Jethro Tull.

Anyhow, I'm working on a new pair of socks. I've been wanting to make a pair of dog-themed socks ever since we lost Rufus, and now I have even more reason. Our local animal shelter is having an auction this fall to raise funds for a new building. Gotta donate something, right? Who wouldn't want to warm their paws with a pair of handknit socks?

I've got some Cleckheaton's Cocoon in brown and white, and I charted a pattern for a band that will go around the ankles of the socks. "I (heart) (pawprint)." White for the bands, ribbing, heels and toes; brown for the rest.

You like? Me, too. I will post pictures as I make progress, and I'll put up the pattern if I can figure out how to load the chart.

Heh. From Enzyte to Sweet Georgia Brown. I married a mushroom. He's a fun guy.


Dianne said...

Oh, how sweet! Can't wait to see the socks - they sound great.

Jen C said...

They always look so sweet and peaceful when they are sleeping *sigh*.

and yes, complete stash is somewhat of an oxymoron, hmmm, lol.

Judy said...

LIttle Himself looks so sweet and innocent, and of course he is.
Love the sound of the socks. Please do post pics and pattern.

Lisa Marie said...

Heck, if I was snoozin' with a teddy bear, I would look peaceful too =) Teddy bears rock! I think you should buy JR about 20 more of them lol

Mags said...

Oh my Gawd...I couldn't get beyond your beautiful boy, hugging his teddy...priceless!!!
Can't wait to see your sox.
Happy knitting.